We, at Indha, believe that we have an untapped reservoir of talent, calibre and skill in the women artisans of India. Our journey to help these women secure a sustainable livelihood and even entrepreneurship are going strong. Join us in making this journey better and their dreams bigger!

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Its purpose is to enable most vulnerable groups of the villages to contribute more effectively to the development of their communities by adapting to various skills. Generally, the poorest and the marginalized sections are otherwise excluded or exclude themselves from such activities because the compulsions of meeting the immediate survival needs becomes their primary task. The project objectives are to : *Improve the income status of the poor through production support and skill training, *Raise confidence and initiative level to take to new skills and areas of work to enhance their social and economic status. *To raise funds for other projects of Literacy India.
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Straight From The Horses Mouth

The ladies of the ring…. of responsibility

January 6th 2016
It’s not easy to come up with a blog which people will read and enjoy. I found that the doodle of ” from the horse’s mouth” would draw a comic curiosity & add a flavor to INDHA`s stories. It was almost ten odd years ago at our center at Village Daulatabad, while sitting with the women who were being trained on sewing & tailoring, I got into a dialogue with them readmore…