We, at Indha, believe that we have an untapped reservoir of talent, calibre and skill in the women artisans of India. Our journey to help these women secure a sustainable livelihood and even entrepreneurship are going strong. Join us in making this journey better and their dreams bigger!

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People and Planet

May 18th 2018

Its been sometime since I wrote about our Social Venture “INDHA” which aims at empowering underserved women and makes sure it builds sustainability in its overall growth.INDHA`s prevailing belief in people and its planet made the overall progress slow yet had been able to create a whole lot of awareness about its work on various products.Businesses don’t thrive on these, do they ? its all about how much Profit you made with the Capital in hand. The loss is never welcome in businesses. However, there had been a struggle in shaping the foremost, our women from the community, who are not only gifted and they gained with the training invested on them.