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It’s their Craft, their Creativity,their Identity and their Empowerment

INDHA was started by Literacy India as an offshoot of Project “Karigari”. Into its eighth year now, Indha has touched the lives of scores of women, lifting them out of poverty and giving them a  reason to smile. At Indha, women receive vocational training in sewing, tailoring, block printing, vermi-compost, leaf plate making, manufacturing recycled and handmade paper and all kinds of  paper products. Literacy India, a non-profit under the Indian Trust Act (1872), operates several centers in and around Gurgaon with a vision to empower under-privileged women and children.

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Artisan Pinki


A self-absorbed alcoholic, Pinki’s father takes money from his family for booze and is always unemployed.. ..

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