Indha Craft Bags – for Catriona’s friends in Paris!

Indha Craft Bags – for Catriona’s friends in Paris!


Catriona Dempster, learnt about Indha Craft last year and was quite curious about the organization & its work. A Team Director & Manager at Kuoni Paris, her company’s primary tourism destination happens to be India. As a result, Catriona visits our country frequently and made up her mind to visit Indha Craft’s main centre, on her next trip.

Ever since its inception, Indha has joined hands with numerous corporate agencies, donors and partners. One of our most eminent clients and supporters, Kuoni, is a leading global travel and destination management services company. The group generated a turnover of CHF 5.5 billion in the 2014 financial year and has supported our organization for over 4 years, under their ‘Corporate Responsibility’ goals.

This helped affirm Catriona’s decision to get involved with Indha Craft personally and know more about the social enterprise. She contacted our founder, Capt. Indraani Singh to discuss her plans and finally, dropped by in August, this year. Once she arrived here, our Project Director, Mr. Satya Prakash, introduced her to our women artisans, showed her around the office, our paper unit, the production room etc.

Fascinated and impressed, she placed an order for eco-friendly newspaper bags with Indha Craft and wanted our expertise on beach towels. Catriona plans on selling these bags to her small circle of friends- in Paris!

When asked why she chose Indha Craft to manufacture & design her order, she shares: ‘India has helped our tourism company garner huge amounts of profit, as our clients love it here and it is our number one travel destination. I always had a desire to give back to this wonderful country and Indha’s commitment towards empowering deprived women, really encouraged me to do something concrete, this time.’

This makes us realize how far we’ve come. Indha’s journey began in 2005, with just 10 artisans. What started as a small-scaled initiative to uplift disadvantaged women out of poverty through vocational training in tailoring & embroidery, has spread across India and is catering to overseas customers, today.

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