MEET THE ARTIST – Shellie Singh Rana

MEET THE ARTIST – Shellie Singh Rana

Here is another inspiring story of an Indha woman whose amazing works of creativity is now a part of many of Indha’s products. I would like to introduce her as an artist who expresses joie de vivre in her paintings.

Shellie Singh Rana, my old time friend was all game to join us, for her beautiful paintings were to become an integral part of the eclectic designs of Indha products. Most importantly, she was happy in becoming an INDHA- PRENEUR. Shellie lives in Gurgaon with her husband who is a Pilot & they have two sons. Painting is her passion and Shellie is full of life and enthusiasm that is reflected in her work. I knew she would love the idea of her work being used in various products like Cushion Covers, Diaries & Tote bags. She was all for generating work for the Indha women who come from underserved background.

Shellie Rana Singh is a renowned contemporary artist whose refreshingly colorful abstract paintings are a joyful depiction of the festivity and frolic of metropolitan living.She channeled these thoughts to canvas and her paintings are resplendent with colors of joy, life, festivities and vivaciousness that best describes the effervescent place.

Her widespread popularity as an artist is due to her captivating techniques reflecting resplendent splashes of color that suggest a pandemonium of activities in a typical metropolitan lifestyle and a buoyant optimism of reality and imagination.

Shellie’s exhibitions are a sell-out and her paintings are conversational pieces adorning many modern homes and offices. I had my fair share of friendships and their impact in my life. Shellie’s is one friendship that will remain close to my heart because she is a true friend who shares my ideals and is a part of the initiative that I have dedicated my life to. This blog is aimed at bringing to the world, budding entrepreneurs and latent talent of many women I meet every day across India, who strive to emerge as winners in their life’s fight. Here’s to more women wearing Indha – the ring of responsibility – like a crown of honour.

Capt. Indraani Singh
Senior AirIndia Pilot:Founder/Managing Trustee-Literacy India
Founder-Indha Craft


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