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One India | Season 2: Watch How Indha Crafts Used Technology To Empower Women And Change Their Lives
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‘Facebook presents One India’ is a series which showcases stories of ordinary people coming together to impact the lives of many for the better. The Season 2 of One India revolves around the spirit of change and revolutionizing things using technology. This season is all about the stories that will reach and empower the communities.

The first episode talks about how Captain Indraani Singh (Founder – Indhacrafts) changed the lives of many women by employing them in Indhacrafts and creating indha-preneurs. She then took another step towards success by going online and getting connected to other parts of the world. Today, Indha has 12 centres in 4 different states, 20 mentors along with 350 Indha-preneurs. She is also giving educational opportunities to underprivileged children through “Literacy India.”

“Indha interestingly means a ring which a woman puts on her head, and she carries water pitchers on her head, if you have seen in Haryana villages. The whole idea behind this Indha was, that it is a ring of responsibility and the whole idea of women empowerment is, that the women take lead to take up their responsibility, rather than just living in shadows.” – Captain Indraani Singh

On this episode our panel of experts comprises of Captain Indraani Singh (Founder – Indhacrafts), James Raphael (Executive Head – Retailers Association’s Skill Council of India), Rekha Sharma (Chairperson – National Commission For Women), Mrinalini Kher (Founder – Yuva Parivartan) along with the moderators Deepti Sachdeva (Senior Editor – Republic Tv) and Arnab Goswami (Editor in Chief & Founder – Republic Tv).

Watch the full episode of INDHA to know more about their work and also the impact of this organisation on others.


Republic and #facebook One India season 2 . Indha is selected as launch case study by Republic TV.

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Posted by Republic on Saturday, September 15, 2018