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Mithu Das

Education is essential for change and growth in any society; however, skill education is missing in many parts. Among many Indian villages, Our Artisan Mithu Das belongs to Village Sarbari, District Purulia, West Bengal. Literacy India has had its presence in Purulia for over a decade, empowering and educating the tribal and underserved rural communities.

Full of aspirations, Mithu Das, got married quite early in life without completing her high school education. She lives with her in-laws and her husband, who sells vegetables in local haat.

Chinta Mahato

Chinta Mahato, the wife of Amulya Mahato, a homemaker, lives in Village Gobag under Neturia Thana of Purulia District. In Rural India, early marriages of girls is a norm. Families born with girls are considered a burden. Chinta Mahato was one daughter among the four. She was only 17 when she got married because of extreme poverty, her father decided to marry her off to another poor farmer. Her dreams of completing her education could not fulfil. At an early age, she became a mother of two, a son and a daughter. Her inner resolve to change her made her come to the Literacy India centre, and her husband supported that. She not only become skilled in stitching but also embroidery.

Sampa Das

Sampa Das lives at Sarbari Village under Neturia block of Purulia District of West Bengal with her husband and one son. Her Husband, Laxmi Kanta Das, is a Tutor, and his income is relatively meagre to meet the family`s needs. Their son is studying in class VII. She joined embroidery classes at Literacy India to learn and earn to value add to family income.


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Its purpose is to enable most vulnerable groups of the villages to contribute more effectively to the development of their communities by adapting to various skills. Generally, the poorest and the marginalized sections are otherwise excluded or exclude themselves from such activities because the compulsions of meeting the immediate survival needs becomes their primary task. The project objectives are to : *Improve the income status of the poor through production support and skill training, *Raise confidence and initiative level to take to new skills and areas of work to enhance their social and economic status. *To raise funds for other projects of Literacy India.
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Our Happiness is most of the time is about creativity.Life gives us a push with such moments of joy wherein we loose ourselves in handmade things.We at Indha wish to continue our pursuit of finding joy every way possible.

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Its been many Years Avontuur Adventure specialist group had been supporting Our Indha Artisans and they love our handmade.

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April 24th 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken India`s economy to the core. Though everyone has taken a hit, some have been hit more than others. The rural artisans are amongst those severely impacted.  According to government figures, there are an estimated seven million artisans in India, however other sources peg the number to 200 million.