Recycle Paper Bag in Block Print Paper ( Set of 10)


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This Designer Product is made by Handmade Embroidered Chata Paper Ethnic Designs.Paper products, especially those made from recycled fibers, are organic and as a result, they biodegrade slowly and build a structure in the soil. As a result, organic paper products are environmentally beneficial alternatives to landscaping fabrics, nylon, and other non-biodegradable products. This paper is made of cotton, paper and other natural fiber waste recycled in an eco-friendly manner without the use of chemicals. The colours also used in these papers are made out of natural vegetable dyes. Every product is minutely crafted and designed. We are completely dedicated to building a greener, cleaner and healthy planet by development and supply of these handmade paper products. The product is crafted from 100% recycled material.

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Dimensions27.94 × 7.62 × 42.52 cm


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