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Its purpose is to enable most vulnerable groups of the villages to contribute more effectively to the development of their communities by adapting to various skills. Generally, the poorest and the marginalized sections are otherwise excluded or exclude themselves from such activities because the compulsions of meeting the immediate survival needs becomes their primary task. The project objectives are to : *Improve the income status of the poor through production support and skill training, *Raise confidence and initiative level to take to new skills and areas of work to enhance their social and economic status. *To raise funds for other projects of Literacy India.
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India is a land of Joy.Country is so large that within ourselves we never fail to find pockets of happiness.Our festivals and craft they work in harmony.

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Its been many Years Avontuur Adventure specialist group had been supporting Our Indha Artisans and they love our handmade.

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April 24th 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken India`s economy to the core. Though everyone has taken a hit, some have been hit more than others. The rural artisans are amongst those severely impacted.  According to government figures, there are an estimated seven million artisans in India, however other sources peg the number to 200 million.