People always ask, “What is Indha?” Indha isa term coined by the women of village Daulatabad, Haryana. It depictstheir strength and denotes their “Ring of Responsibility”. A responsibility thatthey carry on their shouldersfor their family and the community. Indhais a ring on which rural women carry water pitchers.

Women in India are capable of a variety of crafts. However, due to rapid globalization and uneven economic growth, our indigenous crafts have taken a back seat.

Team Indha, therefore, planned a mid-path, a balanced approach to create something which is of value for money, useful and satisfies the talent of an artisan. With this school of thought in place, we provide corporate gifting solutions for everyone and every occasion.

Indha ensures each corporate giftis a beautiful and aesthetic combination of unique design patterns, vibrant colours, high-quality fabric & material. Our productsexude brightness, warmth and a refreshing ‘Indianness’. Each piece is visually appealing as well as durable.

Furthermore, Indha realizes conserving the environment is not just the need of the hour, but crucial for future generations. Wefunction with green consciousness, creating a vast range of eco-friendly items.

Rural women artisans devote themselves to manufacturing Indha corporate gifts with utmost dedication. When you buy from Indha, your purchase touches not one, but many lives. It enables a rural woman artisan to earn, support herself, educate her children, and secure her family’s future. Become an agent for change. Shop for a cause, today.


At Indha, corporate gift items are pieced together with attention to detail and a sheer love for the handmade.Our unique gifts include an array of utility handicrafts – diaries, table runners, sling bags, wine bottle covers, and more – that make perfect CSR giveaways. You can gift an Indha product to both your colleagues and clients for a wholesome experience that carries the well-wishes of its underserved creator. Suitable for every occasion, whether it is the Indian festive season of Diwali or a worldwide celebration like New Year’s, when you gift someone with an Indha creation, you help make a genuine difference.


You have the freedom of choice at Indha. Our products are tailor madeand designed with flexibility.  We create keeping in mind what suits customer requirements. While some pieces feature block printed motifs and chic graphics, others display intricate embroidery.Handcrafted with love, purchase an Indha product now and give your colleagues, employees and customers agift that adds true value to at least one artisan’s well-being and livelihood.


Change is happening. Many companies have changed their choices of gifting and have started choosing products thatgive work to the rural poor, empower women and create a better world.Kuoni, American Express, Microsoft, Thomas Cook, Cannon, Sita, and a list of organizations select Indha as their corporate gifting partner, after sensing the deep impact it creates in the lives of the rural craftswomen. Our partners make this conscious choice as a mutual effort towards achieving 17 Sustainable Development Goals enlisted by the United Nations, which include – no poverty, zero hunger, good health and well-being, quality education, gender equality, decent work and economic growth, climate action, and more. The world calls for partnership to meet the goals. Join hands with Indha as a change maker, now.

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