INDHA Planter Cover | Dark Green Cotton Canvas Planter Cover | Green Cotton Planter Cover | Hand Block Printed Pink And Navy Blue Floral Design Motif | Eco-Friendly | Gifting | Home Décor | Handmade | Recyclable | Water Resistant Cover | Garden Utility | Plant Accessory | Garden Décor


Size: Height: 8.5 Inches | Diameter : 6. Inches |

Material: Cotton Canvas | Inner Inning: Block Printed Cotton

Colour: Dark Green | Green Colour

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Are you a nature lover, who loves greenery and has immense love for plants as well flowers. The beautiful vibe and the bloom of fresh air during your walk in the garden really rejuvenates the mind as well as the body. Do you also love to decorate your garden and see it grow? Then you must know the joy of planting seeds and seeing them grow into big trees, small and tall size plants as well as blooming flowers, a total blissful feeling.  We here at Indha bring a unique handmade product for all the garden and nature lovers, made by the artisans of Indha. This is an eco-friendly planter cover, that you would love and find quite useful. The planter cover is best suitable to keep small size pot plants. This planter cover is made of dark cotton canvas material, which is sturdy, durable and easy to wash. The cotton canvas will barely allow water to flow out, when you pour water into the plant due to the fabrics water resistant nature. The main highlight of this planter cover is that it has a green cotton border wrapped around the upper half of the cover. To make the cover more attractive and appealing, it has hand block printed pink and navy blue floral design motifs all over the green border. It also has a hanging strap with a floral design motif. This product could add up to be a great value to your garden décor as even your home décor. A lovely product to keep your plants in for your home and office interior. You can even hang this on your home balcony with the strap provided. This planter cover with small plants in it, can also be used as a wonderful exquisite gift to give to your friends as well as family on occasions such as house warming, Diwali or even on world environment day. Your purchase contributes to the livelihood of an Indha artisan.