INDHA Auto Rickshaw Embroidered Jute Mdf Table Top Magazine Holder


Add a sophisticated and artistic look to your office desktop or home, with our elegant Indhacraft magazine holder. It is created with the jute. A chic product, it features a auto rickshaw embroidery and has an inner dupion silk lining. The MDF wood used as the base is strong and does not have the tendency to split making it durable and long lasting. You can now organize all your daily office supplies and documents, while also giving your table a decorative appeal. Handcrafted by rural women, your purchase contributes to the livelihood of an impoverished artisan.

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Infuse your living space with whimsical charm using the INDHA Auto Rickshaw Embroidered Jute MDF Magazine Holder. This uniquely crafted tabletop organizer is a delightful blend of functionality and quirky aesthetics. The auto rickshaw embroidery on durable jute and MDF exudes cultural charm, making it a standout piece in your home decor. Perfect for keeping magazines in order, this stylish holder adds a touch of personality to your tabletop, turning storage into a conversation starter. Embrace INDHA‘s commitment to craftsmanship and creativity as you enjoy the practicality of this magazine holder, bringing a touch of uniqueness to your space. Elevate your storage solutions with this INDHA creation, where the auto rickshaw motif transforms everyday organization into an artful and functional display.

  • Material: Jute & MDF
  • Colour: Maroon
  • Design: Hand Embroidered
  • Size: 10.0 x 9.0 x 4.0 inch
  • Ideal for managing File Folder, Documents, Magazines, Notebooks and Books Organize
  • Perfect as an office, housing, office, desk organizer accessories. Constructed of durable material that stands up to daily wear