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Are you looking for a perfect storage space to keep your littered magazines, books or newspapers organized, then you can stop your search as you have landed on the right page. Keep your magazines or books tidy and well organized in this storage, making the space look more sophisticated as well as bringing an artistic look to your office desktop or home, with our very own stylish magazine holder, made by the artisans of Indha. It is handcrafted with materials like dupion silk and reprocessed wood. The reprocessed wood is used for the base as well as the sides making it strong and it does not have the tendency to split making it long lasting. This magazine holder is most ideal for A4 size magazines. The main exterior material is rich dupion silk in Teal Green  color. with a multicolor Cow design hand embroidered in chain stitch work, which makes the holder quite attractive. The interior of the holder is covered in Black dupion silk as well. The magazine holder also has a green and teal green dupion silk border on the lower half of the holder on the non-embroidered side, making the product stylish from all ends. The magazine holders of Indha are not only light weight, but also unique as they are foldable making them a lovely gift to your friends and family on any occasion such as home warming. It can also be easily stored and moved. Adding a fancy magazine holder from Indha not only gives you a cluttered free space but also provides a decorative appeal. It is a great space saver and a useful desk organizer. A wonderful utility product for your home and office needs. It can be an exquisite gift, for your corporate gifting needs. Your purchase contributes to the livelihood of an Indha artisan.

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Elevate Desk with INDHA Handmade Magazine Holder

Exquisite Craftsmanship: Discover the perfect storage solution for your magazines, books, and newspapers. INDHA’s stylish magazine holder, handcrafted by skilled artisans, combines rich Teal Green dupion silk and sustainable reprocessed wood for a durable and attractive design.

Functional and Stylish: This magazine holder is not just practical; it’s a work of art. The exterior features a multicolor Cow design hand-embroidered in chain stitch work, adding a touch of elegance to your space. The interior is covered in sleek Black dupion silk.

Unique Design: A green and teal green dupion silk border on the non-embroidered side adds a stylish finishing touch. The foldable design makes it versatile and perfect for gifting.

Ideal for A4 Size: Tailored for A4 size magazines, this holder keeps your reading materials organized and easily accessible.

Versatile Utility: Whether for your home or office, this magazine holder is a space-saving and desk-organizing solution that doubles as a decorative accent.

Support Artisans and Sustainability: Your purchase directly supports the livelihood of an INDHA artisan and promotes sustainable practices through the use of reprocessed wood.

Perfect Gift: Looking for a thoughtful gift? This magazine holder is an exquisite choice for occasions like housewarming and corporate gifting.

Elevate your organization and style with INDHA Handmade Magazine Holder. Keep your space clutter-free while supporting artisans and sustainable fashion.

Product Specification:

Material: Dupion Silk & Processed Wood

Work: Hand Embroidered Cow Motif

Colour: Teal Green

Size: 10.0 X 9.0 X 4.0 Inch

Ideal For: A4 Size Magazines